Melabev Walkathon

Melabev is a nonprofit organization, the leader in Israel in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients and their families.
Melabev was established in 1981 by Prof. Arnold Rosin and Mrs. Leah Abramowitz, both of whom have been honored as “Yakirei Jerusalem”.
For their contribution to the population of Alzheimer’s sufferers, the highest honor the City of Jerusalem gives to its residents.

In Israel today there are 150,000 diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients and thousands that have not been diagnosed. This number is increasing all the time.

Melabev annually provides treatments and aides hundreds of Alzheimer’s patients and thousands family members, as well as 2,500 non- Alzheimer’s patients.

Within these groups there are about 40% Holocaust survivors.

Below is a list of the programs that Melabev provides.

  • Memory Club Centers – in 4 different languages:  Hebrew, English, Russian & Arabic.
  • Nursing Aid Services Agency
  • Cognitive therapies – including art, music, dance, movement, horticulture animal-assisted therapy and more.
  • Savion” – a unique cognitive- stimulation computer program for Alzheimer’s patients developed by Melabev.
  • Snozelaan a unique multi-sensory room for the controlled stimulation of over – active or apathetic patients.
  • At Home with Melabev – brings Melabev’s cognitive programs including social workers, doctors and therapists directly to the homes of the elderly
  • The Merhav – Melabev Clinic – multi – disciplinary clinic
  • Moked 109 – a telephone reassurance call center contacting the elderly living in their own homes.
  • Memory Clubs – in  assisted-living facilities for seniors
  • Research and Development Unit – in connection with the European Union – Health Department
  • Seminar Programs – National  & International